I Love You enough distracted driving campaign

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1.8 billion children leave home to go to school every day, but 500 of these children do not make it back.

That’s 500 parents who lose a child EVERYDAY……Don’t be one of those parents

Distracted driving and touching your mobile phone while driving is one of the top three causes of crashes globally. Join our mission to highlight this problem and save little lives.

 The #ILoveYouEnough distracted driving Campaign is giving children a voice everywhere and they are asking you to follow us and make our roads safer for all.



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Join the millions who have pledged to never drive distracted again.

By signing the pledge and agreeing to care for those around you by not touching your phone while driving, you are helping reduce the preventable injuries and deaths on the roads. Congratulations and thank you on behalf of those who's lives you are helping to save.